• Business & Tourism: B-1 & B-2 Visas
  • Treaty Traders: E Visas
  • Students: F Visas
  • Professionals of Special Occupations: H Visas

    This visa is for professionals in specialty occupations who are coming to the United States to work in their fields of expertise.

    H1-B Visa

    You are eligible for an H-1B visa. You have at least a Bachelor's De­gree in the specific field in which you will be working or whatever the minimum educational requirement is for the job and you also have both theoretical and practical knowledge for apply­ing your highly specialized skills. If you do not have a degree, you will be considered eligible if you have the experience equivalent to the attainment of higher education, as well as professional recognition in your field. The INS uses the simple formula of allowing one year of higher educa­tion to three years of practical experience. So, if your peers need five years of college to qualify in their "specialty occupation" you will be eligible with fifteen years of practical experience and/or professional recognition. Most of the professions are covered in this category as is profes­sional modeling, although the latter is not considered specialty occupation. You will be expected to have your university degree evaluated in the United States by an organization that is qualified to do so. Unlike most other non-immigrants applying for visas to enter the United States, you will not need to maintain a foreign residence, although your intention should still theoretically be to leave the United States once you have completed your job. The job itself can be permanent, but you must be coming to work in the United States on a temporary basis. There are many spe­cial limitations and conditions placed upon individuals and corporations seeking to have individ­uals come to the United States under an H1B Visa. These special limitations and conditions are numerous and varied depending on the type of specialty occupation and the type of business in which the corporation which is sponsoring you is engaged.

    H-2A and H-2B Visas

    These visas are for temporary skilled, or unskilled workers who will be coming to the United States to work for employers who are unable to obtain sufficient or suitable United States workers during periods of heavy demands. H-2A visas are issued to those who will be doing temporary agricultural work and H-2B visas to those either skilled, or unskilled, who will be employed in other fields.

    H-3 Visas

    This visa enables people to further their careers in their home countries by participating in on-the-job training programs offered by United States companies. This training must be unavailable in their own countries and the programs designed to enhance the skills of the trainees in their jobs abroad.

    H-4 Visas

    This visa is for the immediate family members of all H visa holders. Employment is not allowed.

  • Media Workers: I Visas
  • Exchange Visitors/ Student Programs: J Visas
  • International Companies: K Visas
  • International Companies: L Visas
  • Non-Academic and Vocational Students: M Visas
  • Family of International Organizations Employees: N Visas
  • Employees of Extraordinary Ability: O Visas
  • Athletes and Performing Artists: P Visas
  • Religious Workers: R Visas
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